You can never give enough

  • I run for my son. I want to show him that fitness, health, and g oak setting are important. I also want him to know that women are more than just pretty, they are wicked strong.

    Tara Kotheimer
  • I run because I can. I had cancer a few years ago and I knew I still had many more years to live. I hadn’t really been a athletic or competitive person but running isn’t about that for me. I’m 56 years old and only started running about 5 years ago. I found out that getting outside and running with my own thoughts is very peaceful. It’s what I can do for myself, my health and well-being. It doesn’t depend on any time frame or schedule. Running is all my own. I can do it, I love it so I do it!

    Trina Reilley· American Cancer Society
  • I run because I gave birth to my hero. After 74 long days in the hospital since birth, we finally got to come home. I share this story with you because my daughters name is Payton Powers. We called her our little superhero from day 1. She has super strength and super powers to battle everything that has been thrown her way. We dedicated a Facebook page to her called Super Powers and she even trends with #superpayton. She is resilient, she is tough, she is strong. Some people never get to meet their hero, I gave birth to mine. She battles the real villain, a heart defect.

    Katelyn Currier· Mended little hearts of Southwest MI
  • The Super Run presented Lutheran Social Services of Michigan a unique opportunity to tell the story of foster care and the urgent need for foster parents to a new and diverse audience. If we reflect on the role of a super hero it’s to support and protect. The Super Run recognizes real life heroes that make this world a better place. We’re grateful for being able to work with them and look forward to participating in The Super Run in the future.

    Richard K. Martin· CFRE, Chief Advancement Officer, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
  • The Super Run was by far the best charity event I have ever participated in. It was so much fun for my whole family and for such a wonderful cause! I will be looking forward to next year!

    Sarah Stafford· Volunteer, Heart Heroes Inc.
  • The Super Run is an incredible event for large and small charities. It has helped bring massive awareness to our organization by virtue of being aligned with other amazing charities.

    Dave Girgenti· Founder, Wish Upon a Hero Foundation

How does TheSuperRun help charities?

We partner with non profits in local communities to put on TheSuperRun. They raise money and awareness various ways. Please contact us to find out more!

How can my charity be involved?

Looking to launch a superhero themed event to raise funds? We can help! Contact us here.

Non-profits we help support

CureSearch for Children's Cancer
Savvy Cyber Kids
Children's Heart Foundation
Ainsley's Angels
Organization for Autism Research
Superhero Training Academy
American Association for Cancer Research
Everybody Walk!